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Podcasts Experimenting With New Ideas

Fancy a show with a different concept?


Greenpeace launch documentary podcast Oceans

The organisation is making waves in the world of audio

New Podcasts and Rebirth

The Sports Agents launches, Elis and John are re-birthed plus the first moments of life in Child

New Discovery: Who Trolled Amber?

We look into a documentary with real weight

Your Next Podcast: Who Trolled Amber?

Alexi Mostrous is back with another intense investigation

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New Discovery: Gone Medieval

A podcast that tackles a much misunderstood period with class

Your Next Podcast: Smiling Gives You Wrinkles

We bring you a show that brightens up the aging process

More Podcast Topics

Six Media Podcasts To Try

Keeping an eye on the fourth estate

New Investigative Podcasts

Investigation podcasts appear to be having a moment in podcasting right now, with a lot of great series being released at the same time.

LGBTQ+ Podcasts for Pride

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️. Here's some great LGBTQ+ British podcasts and what they are covering this month.

The age reversal guy injects blood now

Bryan Johnson appeared on Diary of a CEO with his latest update

Nick Grimshaw reveals why he loves University Challenge

Highbrow quiz show host Amol Rajan was on his podcast, Dish

Bill Gates responds to conspiracies about him

He brushed it off on Leading with Alastair Campbell