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New Investigative Podcasts

Investigation podcasts appear to be having a moment in podcasting right now, with a lot of great series being released at the same time.

11:32 AM GMT+1 on June 8, 2023

Jamie Bartlett, behind the hugely successful Missing Cryptoqueen, is back with a new series called Believe in Magic. It is about a charity fronted by a young woman called Megan, who said that she was experiencing a life threatening brain tumour. Launched to raise money for other sick children, she received support from celebrities such as One Direction. But then some parents started to realise that not everything was adding up. Could it be that Megan was making it all up?

The whole series is available on BBC Sounds, but new episodes are available to listen to on other podcast platforms. Meanwhile, Londongrad: Iran’s Hit Squads, by Paul Caruana Galizia and the podcast platform Tortoise, looks at the assassination attempts of Iranian nationals on British soil.

There’s also Unprecedented, a new series by Global, looking into what it was like to work within Number 10 during Brexit, Covid lockdowns and the chaotic weeks that led to Boris Johnson’s resignation. 

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