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Podcast Rex has lots of different places that promote podcasts:

  • Website - - The website that you're on now. This has lots of the content from all of our different places
  • Newsletters - Great British Podcasts - Every week we send out a list of recommendations that goes to over 100,000 people.
  • Social video - TikTok / Instagram / X / YouTube / Facebook - Our social channels get over 10million views a month.
  • Podcast - Your Next Podcast - This is our podcast that recommends new shows each week

For Listeners

If you're a listener tell us about a show here. If you're a producer, see below...

For Podcast Producers

As you can see from above there are lots of ways of getting Podcast Rex to talk about your show. We get lots of submissions each week and we're a small team. 90% of what we publish is editorially driven and completely free to submit to us. However, if you're keen for something to be guaranteed to be published and there's a particular time scale that you want that to happen, then you can buy placements across all of our activities too. Find out more here.

What we want and how to submit

Sending us a press release though is probably the worst way to get our attention. To help us manage all of our destinations we've created some easy to use forms.

Reviews: If you have a new show, or even an old one, we have regular reviews that appear on Podcast Rex, in our newsletters and as social posts. Fill in this form to submit a show.

Guests: If you've got a special guest this week, or in future weeks, tell us about it. Here on Podcast Rex and our newsletters we feature guests. Fill in this form to tell us about a guest.

Self-service interviews: We publish interviews here on Podcast Rex and promote it in our newsletters and social media. We have some standard questions for hosts to answer which we then turn into an article. Get the host to fill in this form.

Video clips: Our social channels are very popular with clips often going viral on TikTok to tens of thousands of people. Please do send us clips but make sure the clip is of very entertaining content with humour, emotion or a great factual insight. These clips should be clean, with no branding or subtitles on. We will edit and add these. Good examples: Iain Lee on Hope and Anchor, Charlene White on Where's Home Really or Steve Coogan on Brydon &. Submit your videos here.

Your Next Podcast: Your Next Podcast is our podcast that features 'Episode 1's' from narrative series. The episode gets an introduction from our host and at the end we tell people where they can listen to Episode 2. We promote episodes of Your Next Podcast here on Podcast Rex and through our newsletters. Tell us about your show for Your Next Podcast.

If you want to talk to us about something else, email us at