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Podcast Rex reaches podcast listeners on this website, in email newsletters and in social posts across TikTokInstagramTwitterYouTube and Facebook.

Our experience is that the best way to reach podcast listeners is to have your podcast content and marketing appear to potential listeners on many different touch points at the same time.

If you're launching a new show, or are marketing an existing one, we can time promotion across all the Podcast Rex platforms to form the basis of a campaign, or support existing activity. If you're looking to do even more marketing, speak to our colleagues at Podcast Discovery who organise cross-platform campaigns.

Here at Podcast Rex, our premier newsletter, Great British Podcasts reaches over 100,000 listeners every Sunday. Combining interesting topics, guest appearances and reviews, the newsletter has a high 30% open rate.

On our social channels we take video content created by podcasters and re-edit it to make it more likely to capture the attention of listeners and go viral. Each month we deliver over 10million views across TikTokInstagram, XYouTube and Facebook. aggregates the content from all of our destinations and also has additional podcast related material. We work with podcasters to create branded content that helps promote your show.

Campaign start at just £400.

For more information contact Catherine at Podcast Rex.