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Your Next Podcast: Three Doors Down

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1:00 AM GMT+1 on August 17, 2023

     We all know how hard it is to find good shows to lose yourself in - and even harder to think of podcasts to recommend to friends. Plus, over the summer you might find you have more time to listen than usual - with travelling and bank holidays and so on. Don’t worry - I am on the case! You can relax...

    Every week, I bring you the first episode of a brand new podcast which I have tried and tested, ready for you to get stuck into.

    Plus, if you follow Your Next Podcast, more great suggestions will appear in your favourite podcast app, and you’ll automatically create a failsafe list of 5-star shows to pick from. No more scrolling!

    This week the show I am recommending is Three Doors Down, hosted by journalist and writer Julie Bindel. The story is an incredible one - and an incredibly sad one. It’s about a seven year old girl, called Nikki Allan, who was brutally murdered in 1992 and whose mother fought for thirty years to get justice: which she finally achieved in May this year. 

    It’s not an easy listen, in a lot of ways... But it feels important and kind of timely. Sharon Henderson - the mum, is an incredible woman and the journalism is outstanding. Julie is an amazing host, too. 

    Episode one takes you back to the night that Nikki disappeared.

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