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New Political Mini-Series

Get a short-run political fix!

12:29 PM GMT+1 on April 13, 2024

    Let’s start with political podcasts that have launched interesting mini series recently.

    Who Killed Liz Truss? Countdown to Calamity is a deep dive into the financial crisis and the economic impact during Liz Truss’ premiership. Presented by The Rest is Money’s Robert Peston and Steph McGovern, the series will look at what they did, how they were allowed to do it and its lingering impact.

    “This was not just a financial crisis, this was a constitutional crisis,” says Peston. “And weirdly, it has been totally underreported. The country has moved on.”

    Meanwhile, Political Currency, the politics podcast fronted by George Osborne and Ed Ball, has launched a new series called Inside The Room: The Brexit Plots this week. The three parter explores what happened behind the scenes in the weeks and days leading up to the referendum, rather than discussing Brexit itself. Michael Gove is joining them for all three episodes with insight and tidbits.

    Finally, What Happened to Nelson Mandela’s South Africa?, by the academia  themed podcast The Conversation is to unpack the last thirty years of post-apartheid South Africa and its transition towards democracy. “Thirty years on, the country is in a political and economic crisis and many have been left questioning their choices of the past three decades,” says host Thabo Leshilo.

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