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New Political Podcasts

Popping up from across the aisle

11:37 PM GMT on December 2, 2023

    Let’s have a look at some political podcasts launched in the past few weeks.

    The i Podcast, which is brought to you by The i newspaper, has launched a new series called Labour’s Plan for Power. Presented by their chief political commentator Paul Waugh, the four part series looks at the policies the Labour Party could introduce if they beat Rishi Sunak at the next general election. Looking at the north-south divide, the NHS, the economy and Brexit, there’s a central question running throughout: would they be able to do much differently?

    Another new series is Eight Years’ Hard Labour from the news producer Tortoise. It looks at the last eight years of Labour: from the election defeat of Ed Miliband, to the rise and fall of Jeremy Corbyn and the subsequent reshaping of the party by Keir Starmer. “It’s a story about a double revolution inside just eight years, that helped shape Britain as it is today and may well shape it tomorrow,” says the show’s host Tortoise political editor Cat Neilan. There’s six episodes in the series, with early access given to subscribers of Tortoise+.

    Former diplomat Arthur Snell has recently launched a new geopolitics podcast called Behind the Lines. There’s in depth discussions with policy experts, journalists and parliamentarians, with recent episodes looking into the Ukrainian war as winter settles in, the political influence taking place in the world of football and the importance of scrutinising legislation within the British parliament.

    Meanwhile Pod Save The UK looks at Greek-UK relations in regards to the Elgin Marbles. And the latest Political Currency featured a tribute to former Chancellor Alistair Darling, who passed away this week. The news broke whilst hosts George Osborne and Ed Balls, who have been Chancellor and Shadow Chancellor respectively, were recording their weekly episode. "He really wanted to change things,” said Balls. “Underneath Alistair Darling's calmness, he was a radical.”

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