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Great New Podcast Spin-Offs

Spin-off podcasts are becoming all the rage at the moment.

10:30 AM GMT+1 on April 28, 2024

    Spin-off podcasts are becoming all the rage at the moment.

    Earlier this week The Rest is Politics announced that they will be having a US spin-off, helpfully called The Rest is Politics US, which will provide insight and analysis ahead of the US Election. It is fronted by newsreader and broadcaster Katty Kay, who many might recognise from the BBC News channel and Anthony Scaramucci, who was Donald Trump’s (exceptionally brief) White House Communications Director. Rather than being a standout episode, you’ll be able to find new episodes on the existing Rest is Politics subscription feed (plus a stand alone feed too).

    Meanwhile The Therapy Crouch have got their own spinoff, entitled Exhibit A. In each episode Abbey Clancey interviews people she finds interesting, with the first episode being with happiness expert Mo Gawdat. This comes weeks after the launch of The Sports Agents (from The News Agents) and The Rest is Entertainment (from all of the other Rest Is… podcasts).

    Oh and I also have a new podcast series out this week. The Bachelor of Buckingham Palace, two years in the making, investigating the strange US reality series “I Wanna Marry Harry,” where twelve American women were pushed into believing they were dating Prince Harry (yep, really) when it was a lookalike (yep, really.)

    I’ve written an intro to the series in an article for The Guardian and you can read a review on Podcast Rex. The first episode is available now and future episodes will be available exclusively on Wondery+, which is launching a subscription service in the UK.

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