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Five Podcasts to Satisfy Your Reality TV Obsession

If it's trash and you enjoy it then it's not trash

4:53 PM GMT+1 on April 24, 2024

    The turning point of all human relationships is when we finally, and frankly, admit to each other that: yes, it’s true – all of us (or at least most of us) have binged Below Deck/The Real Housewives/The Bachelor or have a particular soft spot for shows like The Masked Singer or The Great British Bake Off. None of us are immune to the power of reality TV, in whatever form, and it is coming for our headphones too. 

    The Bachelor of Buckingham Palace 

    Podcast Rex’s own Scott Bryan (pictured) brings us a binge that you wouldn’t even feel guilty about. The Bachelor of Buckingham Palace, available exclusively on Wondery+ (with first episode free to listen to now wherever you get your shows), follows the story of how a group of women were tricked into thinking they would win a chance to date Prince Harry. The actual Prince Harry of Buckingham Palace. Scott looks past the obvious ‘wow this is kind of a crazy idea’ and asks questions like ‘wait, is this kind of a misogynistic premise?’ and trust us when we say – you will want to listen to the whole show in one sitting. 

    The Masked Singer: Maskcast

    If you have been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen all episodes of The Masked Singer… allow us to introduce you to a podcast that will make your binge even more satisfying. Maskcast is the ultimate companion podcast that gives you the insider scoop and feels like a gossip session with a good friend. Listen and watch as you guess who is behind the mask as presented by Bandicoot TV. 

    Unreal: A Critical History of Reality TV

    For those with a more sophisticated palate, may we suggest a critical study of the genre itself. Just as entertaining as watching reality tv, but you walk away asking yourself more moral questions (and with less googling of handbag price tags), the answers to which will definitely retrain your brain chemistry when watching your next reality reunion. Available on BBC Sounds and your podcast app. 

    Reality Life with Kate Casey 

    A daily reality hit might just be the escapism you are in desperate need of, without realising it. Kate Casey will talk you through what is worth watching, who is worth following, and will speak to people from unscripted television to give you all the behind the scenes gossip. There’s nothing more indulging than a proper deep dive into your most guilty pleasure and when a host is as charming and relatable as Kate Casey, it’s just so easy to get lost in a pod. 

    Vanderpodcalypse Now: A Vanderpump Rules Podcast
    No reality TV list is complete without Lisa Vanderpump (at least in my opinion anyway), so whether you are a true OG Real Housewives fan or a casual watcher of Vanderpump Rules, let comedians Rebecca Leib and Jason Horton take you on a journey. The pair go through  episodes of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and unpack the collective PTSD of watching the show – definitely worth a listen when you are deep in your reality binge.

    Honourable mentions:

    Split Screen: Kid Nation

    Sentimental Garbage

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