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Scott Bryan

Scott’s the writer of the Great British Podcasts newsletter, the co-host of the Must Watch podcast on BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 5 Live. He also talks about TV and the media across the BBC. He’s written TV features in The GuardianThe New York Times, Monocle, The Daily Telegraph and the Radio Times. He’s also a columnist for Broadcast, the TV industry magazine.

Scott’s Pick of the Year (Part 2)

More great picks of the year from the Great British Podcasts Editor.

December 31, 2023

Scott’s Pick of the Year (Part 1)

Some of our favourite shows of the year

December 23, 2023

Great British Podcasts: Christmas Shows and Crime Networks

plus Stephen Fry, Sophie Habboo and Kadiff Kirwan

December 17, 2023

Great British Podcast: A Calm Christmas

Plus Reece Shearsmith, Amol Rajan and Deborah Meaden

December 10, 2023

Have A Calmer Christmas

Inspirational podcasts to help you chill out this Chritstmas

December 10, 2023

Great British Podcasts: New Political Podcasts

plus Girls Aloud, Marina Hyde, Richard Osman and Arthur Snell

December 2, 2023

New Political Podcasts

Popping up from across the aisle

December 2, 2023

Great British Podcasts: Doctor Who’s Back

plus Maggie Aderin-Pocock, The Big Short’s Michael Lewis and Zippy from Rainbow

November 26, 2023

Doctor Who Podcasts

Podcasts are re-generating for the new season of the BBC and Disney+ show

November 26, 2023