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Your Next Podcast

Your Next Podcast: Who Robs A Banksy

It's the first episode of our new podcast recommendation show and Lauren's picked Who Robs A Banksy?

5:55 PM GMT+1 on July 26, 2023

    If you’ve ever had a total blank when someone asks you what podcast you’d recommend.. Or spent a whole commute hunting for the next brilliant show to binge… you can relax - I’ve got you...

    Every week, I'll bring you the first episode of a brand new podcast which I have tried and tested, ready for you to get stuck into.

    Plus, if you follow Your Next Podcast, more great suggestions will appear in your favourite podcast app, and you’ll automatically create a failsafe list of 5-star shows to pick from. No more scrolling!

    This week, the show I’m recommending is Who Robs a Banksy - hosted by Jake Warren, about one of the most bizarre and notorious art heists in recent history.  

    Over seven episodes, the podcast tells the story of self-proclaimed ‘art terrorist’ Andy Link’s kidnapping of a Banksy statue and its subsequent disappearance from his back garden.

    The reason I love this show so much is because of how completely unexpected the story is.

    As I said, the tale begins with the theft of a statue in broad daylight from central London, but it is about so much more: it has vendettas, football hooliganism, the rave scene of the 90s and even fetish parties. I mean…  you could not make it up. It’s really beautifully produced, too.

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