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Your Next Podcast: Tiny Huge Decisions

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6:00 AM GMT+1 on September 21, 2023

    If you have ever gone totally blank when someone has asked you to recommend a show, or if you’ve ever spent a whole journey failing to find the next podcast to binge… I totally feel your pain! I know how hard it is to find good shows to lose yourself in - and even harder to think of podcasts to share with friends. But don’t worry - I am on the case! You can relax..

    Every week, I'll bring you the first episode of a brand new podcast which I have tried and tested, ready for you to get stuck into.

    Plus, if you follow Your Next Podcast, more great suggestions will appear in your favourite podcast app, and you’ll automatically create a failsafe list of 5-star shows to pick from. No more scrolling!

    This week the show I am recommending is a series called Tiny Huge Decisions and it’s ace/ brilliant/ a corker/ a cracker!

    The show is about two best friends, Moshin and Dahlia, and about whether she will carry a baby for him and his partner Matthew. It’s a show about friendship and family and hopes and fears and it’s fascinating.

    Surrogacy is such an interesting topic to cover - but this series also touches on race, sexuality, class and a hilarious wrestle over a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

    You get to eavesdrop on the conversations that Moshin and Dahlia have. Listening to their processing and their choices as they grapple with the real question: is this the worst idea in the world or the greatest gift a friend can give?

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