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Your Next Podcast: Swipe Your Sign

It's the dating show with an astrological twist

1:00 AM GMT+1 on September 14, 2023

    I think being recommended a great new show by a friend is such a little treat.

    They know what you like and then bonus, once you've listened to it, you can get together and and have a little chat about it. It's really nice.

    And in this scenario, I am your friend in the know, armed and ready with the best suggestions of what you should be getting stuck into next.

    Every week, I'll bring you the first episode of an amazing podcast that I've tried and tested ready for you to get stuck right into.

    Plus, if you follow your next podcast, more great suggestions will appear in your favorite podcast app and you'll automatically create a fail-safe list of five star shows to pick from, so no more scrolling. Hooray.

    As a staunch Sagittarius, this week the show I'm recommending is Swipe Your Sign, hosted by Geordie Shaw's Nathan Henry and Ro Frimpong from the Twos Two podcast.

    This is a super fun show, which I just love. So here's how it works.

    Nathan and Ro have decided to put their love lives in the hands of astrologist Celestial Tree, who will see if she can use their star signs to find their perfect cosmic match. A love story that is literally written in the stars. Swipe Your Sign is the first black queer-focused dating podcast and it's so much fun.

    Before each date, Nathan and Ro will get Oracle card readings, along with some expert analysis of their astrological charts, before stepping into their blind state with a cosmic match.

    The paired couples will also be given Getting to Know You style questions to ask each other, as well as some hypothetical dilemmas and dares.

    In the first episode we get to know self-confessed diva Nathan and skincare obsessed Ro and we get to meet Celestial Tree.

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