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Your Next Podcast: It Can’t Just Be Me with Anna Richardson

Tricky topics get tackled

1:00 AM GMT+1 on October 5, 2023

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    This week, the show I’m recommending is the brand new season of ‘It Can’t Just Be Me?’ - hosted by Anna Richardson: it’s a podcast which is certainly not afraid to tackle the trickier subjects.

    In every episode Anna shares a dilemma sent in by a listener, and then gets advice from celebrity guests and experts - who know exactly how to help.

    It’s a really honest, informative, funny and reassuring listen. And no topic is off limits. In the past the show has talked about: choosing whether to have children or not, divorce, step-parenting, dating with a disability, grief and sex.

    This brand new season starts with an amazing guest - the anonymous agony aunt LaLaLaLetMeExplain, who tackles dilemmas including: how to talk about sexual kinks and how to parent teens.

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