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Nish Kumar & Coco Khan Listen to Off Menu, Marc Maron & Hooked on Freddie

Plus, Kumar lovingly described two podcast friends as "morons".

1:38 PM GMT+1 on October 24, 2023

    Nish & Coco from Pod Save the UK revealed their must-listen podcasts in a social media Q&A this week. Making the cut were some big hitters, industry mainstays and dolphin smut*.

    Nish made a begrudging nod to "morons" James Acaster and Ed Gamble and their Off Menu podcast, though Kumar explains this mention is primarily given through a sense of duty after he was given free tickets to the spectacular Off Menu live shows.

    Other mentions from Nish included the soccer podcast Guardian Football Weekly, serialised U.S. politics podcast Slow Burn, and certified podcast daddy Marc Maron's WTF.

    Awe-struck by Kumar's "highbrow" suggestions, his co-host Coco Khan came back with "The one about the guy who got accused of shagging a dolphin" A.K.A. Wondery's Hooked on Freddie.

    Some solid podcast picks, new and old, there from the hosts of Crooked Media's UK spin-off of Pod Save America. For more podcast recommendations be sure to subscribe to our newsletters. If you don't, you'll surely be haunted this Hallowe'en by The Ghost of Missed Podcast Opportunity, who sits somewhere between Caspar and Jacob Marley in terms of friendliness.

    *Sorry, sorry. ALLEGED dolphin smut.

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