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The TV companion podcast is coming into its own

Some of the biggest podcasts of recent times have been attached to a TV programme

2:30 PM GMT on March 28, 2024

    It is not an original thought that the TV companion pod fills a void left by appointment to view telly, giving fans of a show somewhere else to ‘meet’ and share the gossip from on and off screen.

    The whole concept of podcasts as accompaniments to TV was - however - given a massive shot in the arm by the rip roaring success that was The Traitors (appointment to watch unless you wanted to be shunned at work) and the accompanying podcast The Traitors: Uncloaked, (hosted by comedian and Traitors superfan Ed Gamble from Off Menu.) The show was the most viewed companion show on the whole of the BBC in the last 12 months, clocking up an average of 1.8 million views per episode in January 2024! So if you missed it this time round, make sure to get on it in time for the next (inevitable) series. Claudia is stocking up on kilts and fingerless gloves already, you know. 

    Podcast veteran Geoff Lloyd and his comedian wife Sara Barron know a thing or two about the genre. The pair launched ‘Firecrotch and Normcore’ in 2021, to provide detailed episode by episode accounts of hit shows like Succession. In 2023 that was reincarnated into ‘They Like to Watch’ : a podcast  looking at fresh-from-the-oven shows as well as older favourites. A recent episode covered the end of Curb Your Enthusiasm - and featured Jeoff Schaffer, an exec on that show (as well as Seinfeld). The guest roster has been sublime.

    A little scroll around on your preferred podcast app will reveal a plethora of podcasts in this field, aiming to give audiences more insight into the motivations of their favourite characters; to explain the decisions behind style and storytelling; or simply to spill the tea about how the stars of the show behave when the cameras stop rolling. 

    Some Podcast Rex favourites include: 

    Midsomer Murders Mayhem - This is a brand new companion podcast to one of the most iconic TV programmes of all time: Midsomer Murders. Watched in over 200 countries, and currently in post-production for its twenty fourth series, this cult-viewing murder mystery programme even has its own 24/7 dedicated channel in the USA. This brand new pod hosted by Nicki Chapman will give uber fans (and there are oh so many) more chances to talk about murder by cheese, wild boar and chocolate. Less delicious murders - i.e. trebuchet - are also up for discussion, not to mention the sheer number of extra marital affairs which take place in the idyllic, yet deadly, fictional county of Midsomer.

    The Office Sisters hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who played Pam and Angela on the US Office (superior, IMHO). They provide cute behind the scenes laughs to accompany every single episode. Cue the piano. 

    Up Schitts Creek -  Best mates Lady J and The Duke are witty and funny and also very very observant. Their flights of fancy are silly and very welcome. Daviiiiiid.

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