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Film podcasts to keep you up to date this 2024 awards season

Unsure what to watch? These podcasts will point you in the right direction

2:30 PM GMT on January 29, 2024

    If you’re anything like me, you love movies but have no idea how anyone keeps up with all the latest releases. Awards season brings pangs of guilt as you’re reminded of all the amazing cinema you didn’t get around to seeing.

    What you need is a way of streamlining your entertainment, making sure you’re only spending your time on films you’re going to love. You need a film podcast.

    Countdown to the BAFTAs

    This is something special from BAFTA, who are previewing this year’s awards with ten podcasts profiling each movie on their Best Film longlist.

    The British Academy’s position as industry tastemakers means they’ve been able to secure some enormous interviews, including Margot Robbie on Barbie, Christopher Nolan on Oppenheimer and Bradley Cooper on Maestro.

    Tune in for insightful anecdotes from the people behind the most well-regarded movies of the year.

    The Empire Film Podcast

    The UK’s foremost film magazine has a podcast that just hit a whopping 600 episodes last week.

    Much like its print counterpart, the Empire Film Podcast features reviews, interviews and discussion on all the latest Hollywood has to offer.

    Recent guests include Tom Hiddleston, Paul Mescal, Adam Driver, and none other than George Clooney.

    Kermode & Mayo’s Take

    Incisive criticism, star-studded interviews… and 20ish years worth of in-jokes and wittering. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have become the go-to broadcasters for opinion on film in the UK.

    Their popular 5 Live Film Review show, available as a podcast since 2005, morphed into a new Sony podcast, Kermode & Mayo’s Take, a couple of years ago. It’s much the same, with all the ingredients that its audience have enjoyed for decades; genuinely excellent and insightful reviews, a real love of cinema, and withering, slightly crotchety chemistry between the hosts.

    The Cinemile

    Much like Empire, the Cinemile hit a landmark of its own last week, reaching 300 excellent episodes.

    This independent production is centred around a lovely concept: married couple Dave and Cathy walk home from the cinema, discussing the film they just saw.

    Over the course of eight years the pair have won both British and Irish Podcast Awards and released an additional 200 episodes for their Patreon subscribers. A real human hit.

    Films to be Buried With

    Films to be Buried With is a movie podcast from comedian Brett Goldstein. Rather than covering the latest releases, each week Brett interviews a famous face with a love of film to discuss their favourite ever releases.

    The “Desert Island Discs, but for x” format is tried and true, and in Goldstein’s hands makes for a fun and lighthearted look at cinema history.

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