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Screen-Free Entertainment for Your Little Ones: Kids Podcasts to Keep the Whole Family Sane

Five of the best shows to entertain and educate the next generation

3:22 PM GMT on January 12, 2024

    The holidays are no doubt a taxing time for parents – there are the presents, the constant entertainment, and also the management of all magical expectations of the little ones. Now that school is back, how do you continue to entertain your children sans Santa? Our answer: podcasts! 

    With a whole range of audio treats from educational shows to creative storytelling to engage young audiences, there is definitely going to be a show your child will love. Kid-friendly pods are the answer to your kids’ boredom woes, and below are our top picks. 

    Junior Zen Zone

    Starting off strong is Daisy Mack’s new podcast, Junior Zen Zone. This show will help your kids regulate their emotions through short guided meditations, all of which are supported by beautiful video animations to get them to sit still. Let go of worries and anxiety, and teach your children to focus and find calmness whatever they are doing. 

    Who Smarted?

    An incredibly fun and addicting show that will have all the adults scratching their heads too. Each short episode is an answer to a question that your child has probably already asked you – like, are foxes related to dogs? Or What is the scab on your knee made of? Children 5 and up will love learning new things, and we highly recommend adding this to your family playlist for your next long drive. 

    Armchair Adventures

    One of the best pods to make sure your kids stay away from the screen is Armchair Adventures. It’s so fun and interactive that all listeners aged 6 to 10 will be glued to the speakers. Plus, there is an abundance of activities and even swag to be obtained from the Armchair Adventures Fan Club to take your listening beyond your devices. 

    Fun Kids Science Weekly

    Fun Kids Science Weekly keeps education topical with Fun Kids’ Dan tackling the week’s biggest stories and teaching us the science behind them. The show’s focus on the weird and wonderful aspects of science keeps young ears interested and could turn the subject into one of your child’s favourites.

    Everything Under the Sun

    This is a wonderful show from QI elf Molly Oldfield which aims to answer each and every question your kids might have about the planet and the things living on it. Neat 10-15 minute episodes answer questions that would have most adults stumped, like “what noises do dinosaurs make?” and “why does our hair go static on a trampoline?”.

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