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Murder-Free True Crime: Four Positive Podcasts for the Armchair Detectives

All the suspense with none of the gore

2:27 PM GMT+1 on October 27, 2023

    Scrolling through your feed and only seeing horrific true stories of murder can’t be great for your mental health… so we compiled a list of podcasts that give you the true crime experience, without the side effects or any ethical dilemmas. These include everything from survival, humour, justice and just about every other fresh perspective on the true crime genre. 

    Real Survival Stories

    Hosted by John Hopkins, Real Survival Stories is all about, you guessed it – survival. Tune in every Thursday to hear how people escaped near-death experiences and be filled with hope about the world’s biggest coincidences, life-saving hacks and people’s sheer resilience. Find it anywhere you might listen to podcasts and get access to ad-free and exclusive, early access content through Noiser+.

    Who Shat On The Floor at My Wedding?

    August 11, 2018, the wedding of Karen Whitehouse and Helen McLaughlin is ruined by the perfect crime… when a human poo is found on the floor. By far the most laugh-out-loud investigation we’ve ever heard with twists and turns that would make any detective jealous, Who Shat On The Floor at My Wedding will become your most memorable listening experience. Lauren Kilby takes matters into her own hands as she interrogates guests, administers polygraphs and consults forensic experts to blow the turd case wide open. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

    The Burger Files 

    If you thought you’d never listen to a podcast made by a fast food chain – The Burger Files by Wendy’s UK is here to change your mind. The episodes run through food horrors from soggy vegetables to raw burger patties to map out real-life ‘Burger Crimes.’ The Burger Files is an investigation and a call for justice, with a side of promotion and an extra-large dose of laughs. Listen to it now (and catch Wendy’s discounts!) on your favourite podcast app. 

    Worst Case Scenario 

    Another different take for true crime addicts: comedians Abi Clarke and Julia Stenton share survival stories with happy endings in Worst Case Scenario. The hosts’ chemistry and laughter will carry you through hours of this hilarious podcast and by the end of your binge, you will also have a toolkit full of items that might help you if you are ever faced with a bear, a shark, or a hang glider. Listen to the heroes’ perspectives on their survival stories wherever you get your podcasts. 

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