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How Big Is The Joe Rogan Experience?

Tracking the biggest shows

4:04 PM GMT on March 25, 2024

    If you have ever asked yourself ‘How Big Is Joe Rogan?’ then this is the newsletter for you. New podcast audience research  this week from Edison reveals (*gasp*) that Joe’s show - The Joe Rogan Experience - has the largest audience in the UK and - in fact - has not budged since the last time that the survey was carried out. 

    (In case you were wondering, #2 on the list is The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett and #3 is Sh*gged, Married Annoyed. The Archers comes in at #20. We at Podcast Rex say: ‘Ambridge Forever.’ 

    BUT - the folks at Bloomberg decided to do a bit of investigating into how many listeners Joe Rogan might actually have. They added his 14.5 million followers from a new Spotify gizmo (Rogan’s podcast has been available exclusively through Spotify, since 2020) to Rogan’s 18.9 million instagram followers and then made sure to include the 16.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. And they came up with, well,  an absolutely eye watering total. We are not sure The Grundys can compete. (IYKYK)

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