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“Why Didn’t You…” Real Stories of Survivors

10:00 AM GMT+1 on October 1, 2023

    “Why Didn’t You…” Real Stories of Survivors - The broadcaster and author Terri White is behind this necessary new podcast series. In each episode she interviews a survivor of sexual violence about their experiences. Because, as White explains, these survivors have been asked by others: “‘Why didn’t you report to the police? Or tell someone? Or go and be examined? Or scream, fight, wear something different, take a well lit path home or leave him the first time he attacked you?’” 

    She wants to draw attention to the damaging myths that such questions perpetuate and how they are used to shift blame onto survivors. Also, how these views are widespread throughout society, even by institutions supposed to protect us. There is a thoughtful discussion of these themes, with guests never encouraged to share anything more than they wish. No doubt, the podcast will also be a resource and a great help to anyone who has also survived sexual violence themselves. 

    As Amber (not her real name), sums this podcast more than I ever could. During her interview she says: “I think the thing is to not have judgement on anyone but the perpetrator. Don’t judge the victims, don’t judge their family, their friends. Just don’t judge anyone, apart from the person who committed the crime.”

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