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Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? And Other Crimes

9:59 AM GMT+1 on June 16, 2024

    Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding? And Other Crimes - “It might be time to move on to something that is non bodily fluid or secretion related.” deadpans Lauren Kilby at the start of this very funny new (podcast) series. Hosted by Kilby alongside (Karen) Whitehouse and (Helen) McLaughlin, The Case of the Tiny Suit/Case follows the trio’s viral hit of 2020 Who Shat on the Floor At My Wedding? (IYKYK). 

    Set in ‘Black lake’ in Sweden, ‘The Case of The Tiny Suit/ Case’ mixes absurd Scandi noir with cartoonish sound fx and music, silly crime and cop tropes with lots and lots of jokes. The series is all about the discovery of a tiny three-piece corduroy suit and a (spoiler: normal sized carry on) case on the porch of a house belonging to Kilby’s mother in law (Kristina). The trio travel to Sweden to carry out their detective work, and (thankfully) take some professionals along, too. “I had been thinking I will die unknowing..  Says Kristina. “But now I am getting some hope that this will be solved in my lifetime. “ The pressure is on.

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