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Thief at the British Museum

11:17 AM GMT+1 on June 9, 2024

    Thief at the British Museum - A fascinating little series, presented by the BBC’s Culture Editor Katie Razzall, exploring the theft of treasures at the British Museum. More than 2000 items, including jewellery and gems, were taken from the museum over a 30 year period. And in another twist, it turned out to be an employee of the museum itself. How were they able to do it? How were they able to steal so many? And surely the missing items should have been detected? 

    Of course, some people think that the theft of ancient treasures are a bit meta considering how some of the artefacts ended up in the British Museum in the first place, but it is an interesting story nonetheless. Episodes are only 15 minutes long, making it a decent little listen for a commute or a morning stroll. 

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