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Rylan: How to Be in the Spotlight

9:56 AM GMT+1 on June 16, 2024

    Rylan: How to Be in the Spotlight - What can’t Rylan do? Fresh from his BBC Two travel series with Rob Rinder, which was praised by critics for how it weaved in surprisingly vulnerable conversations about their own personal lives, Rylan is now the host of a new BBC Sounds interview series exploring the highs and lows of fame.

    Podcasts on this topic risk falling into the trap of having celebs going ‘woe is me’ about their lives when they are successful and likely very rich. Rylan is well aware of this, asking the right questions to celebrities about the pressures and stresses of being famous, whilst also highlighting the privilege of fame in the first place. 

    Rylan also skilfully weaves in a number of interesting questions and topics into his conversations, from the unexpected  awards to how instant fame affects your relationships with family and friends.

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