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New Discovery: 5-4

Laugh and cry along at this takedown of America's highest court

3:00 PM GMT+1 on June 28, 2024

    In their own words, ‘5-4 is a podcast about how much the Supreme Court sucks’ – and in ours, there’s never been a catchier tagline.

    The 5-4 podcast is exactly the balm of reassurance that we all need to confirm that yes, the world is pretty crazy right now, and… also yes, you are justified in the anger you feel. In each episode, the trio of hosts, Rhiannon Hamam, Peter Shamshiri and Michael Morbius take a look at one of the US supreme court cases and pull it apart for the general audience and legal junkies. 

    What seems like quite a serious topic from the outset is made profoundly easy to understand and extremely engaging by 5-4. Peter, Michael and Rhiannon will have you laughing (and sometimes crying) along with them as they look at the insanity of how some cases have come to be and what the Justices’ legal reasonings are for their rulings on extremely serious issues ranging from campaign financing to affirmative action. 

    The podcast is also presented by Leon Neyfakh, the co-creator of Slow Burn, which explains the dark humour and absolutely addicting production of the show. The 5-4 pod also has premium episodes and other exclusive content, which you can find on their website and your podcast apps. 

    Law is shaped by politics, and so politics can directly influence the changes in the legislative system. In today’s climate, this progressive podcast is your answer to understanding the US justice system and how the upcoming election might just completely change it (or how it already has).

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