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Good Bad Billionaire

9:00 AM GMT+1 on September 10, 2023

    Good Bad Billionaire - This new podcast hosted by journalist Zing Tsjeng and BBC business editor Simon Jack has an interesting premise. Each episode explores the life story of a notable billionaire, from Rhianna to Sir Philip Green. They explore how they built their wealth, they evaluate whether they are using that money and power for good or for evil. Zing and Simon have a great partnership, with Simon able to provide the business insight and Zing providing sharp commentary. There are some rather sobering facts mentioned throughout, such as that 81 billionaires have the same collective wealth as the poorest 4.5 billion.

    The first episode explores the life of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, whose online book store has greatly expanded to include everything from cloud computing to supermarkets (that don’t have checkouts.) He’s a business leader who revolutionised the way we shop (and gained millions of loyal customers for undercutting many of his rivals), but has attracted controversy for his abrasive management style to the company’s tax arrangements.

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