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The Best Upcoming Audio Drama Podcasts for Fiction Fans

Scripted stories are having their moment in podcasting.

8:00 AM GMT+1 on September 23, 2023

Audio dramas are on the rise in podcasting.

The format itself is nothing new - the Archers has been going on since 1951 for example. Despite that, it’s fair to say that fiction hasn’t quite found a natural home in podcasting. But that may be about to change. From comedy (The Offensive, BOOM), to creepy (Eliza), scripted podcasts have found a foothold in recent years.

Their success has seen a new surge of fiction podcasts announced and on their way to your phone. We’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting titles to keep an ear out for.


An 8 part horror anthology releasing throughout the spookiest month of them all? Yes please. Each episode of Eerie is set to be a standalone horror fiction to be enjoyed independently or as a binge-listen. Host & producer Anna Bogutskaya describes the series as “some of the most out-there, horrifying and haunting original stories from some of my favourite voices in the genre space.”

Episode 1 drops October 2nd.

Case 63: Season 2

Oscar winner Julianne Moore & Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac front this psychological sci-fi thriller. Season 1 saw Dr Eliza Knight (Julianne Moore) treating Case 63 (Oscar Isaac), a patient who believes he is a time traveller. One year on the tables have turned. Knight now finds herself in 2012, labelled Case 63 herself by Dr Vincent Caldwell, a psychiatrist with a rather familiar voice.

All episodes of Season 2 release on September 26th.

Armchair Adventures: Season 4

Armchair Adventures is a wonderful childrens’ podcast originally produced as a way of keeping children connected to their grandparents in lockdown. Every fortnight, travel agent Connie takes her gang of customers on an adventure of the imagination. Along the way listeners are encouraged to join in and help out, from time travel to traversing treetops.

Season 4 starts October 4th.

League of Wonder

League of Wonder is one of two launch podcasts from Glisten+, an ambitious production company hoping to make cinematic-quality fiction podcasts. League of Wonder is told from the perspective of Kip, a Yorkshire terrier. When Kip’s girl, Dorothy, and a magical slipper go missing, Kip falls into a fairytale adventure.

Episode 1 released on September 18th.

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