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Three podcasts to get you through Valentine’s

Love actually is all around

7:00 AM GMT on February 14, 2024

    Is love your thing? Or do you despise the commercialisation of the holiday? Either way, there is going to be a reason why you opened this article and we can bet it's because there is a part of you that really craves what we all deserve – a cuddle and a gentle voice telling you that love is in fact, all around. Even in podcasting, as it turns out. 

    So here are three podcasts to get you in the mood for love, whatever that means to you:

    28 Dates Later with Grace Campbell 

    Want to find love but keep getting burned? Grace Campbell has your solution – look for it in the unexpected. Go on that date that you always dreaded, get out there and send some foot pics (maybe?! Maybe not…), and sit back while you date for the plot with Grace and her 28 dates. Laugh, cry and enjoy the ride. 

    Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    If you don’t love the idea of love, maybe you need to dig a little deeper. This podcast is all about celebrating those who know better and frankly, it’s nice to be told that you don’t have all the answers. A little tough love for those who are looking to find some self-assurance can go a long way. It turns out – life is just one big long list of contradictions and it's encouraging to hear that from women who are well, wiser than you.

    It’s Not You, It’s Them But It Might Be You with LalalaLetMeExplain

    No place better to find some peace on this day than with LalalaLetmeExplain. It might be a break up that has you beaten up, or a toxic ex, or you simply just need someone to lay out some red flags as you go on your dating journey – then this is your perfect podcast and safe space. Come one, come all for an expert who doesn’t hold back on advice and will definitely not let you down when it comes to your lovelife. 

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