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The Ultimate Halloween Binge: Podcasts to Spook You This October

Get in the spirit in the run up to the 31st

5:13 PM GMT+1 on October 25, 2023

    The pumpkin season is upon us, and with the turning leaves and Gilmore Girls reruns, it is also time to embrace your witchy side through your headphones. Crippling fear might not be your autumnal vibe, but trust us – there is a Halloween podcast out there for you, too. Ranging from the traditional nail-biting ghost stories to more of a curious intrigue (and even some laughter thrown in there, too) this list of top spooky pods should have enough to fill your listening queue until October 31st. 

    Ghost Story

    In this very real and truly paranormal pod, Journalist Tristan Redman draws connections between his childhood home and his wife’s family history by following accounts of hauntings by a faceless woman’s ghost. Redman is a sceptic, but the 1937 murder of his wife’s great-grandmother begs the question: could the horrible murder and the ghost stories be related? Available now, wherever you get your podcasts and ad-free from Wondery Plus. 


    Alexi Mostrous never disappoints when it comes to shocking investigations, and Hoaxed is no different. The podcast delves deep into one of Britain’s most famous conspiracy theories where two children claimed they were abused by a Satanic cult. The podcast’s horror lies not only in the devastating story created by everyone who spread it, but also in the shocking speed of false information’s global spread. Listen now on your podcast app, or on Tortoise’s audio app with bonus content and ad-free access. 

    Real Life Ghost Stories

    Grab your favourite Halloween snack, light a candle and prepare to be entertained with Real Life Ghost Stories. Equal parts fun and freaky, this podcast is all about real life encounters with the paranormal. If you have a question about ghosts, hauntings, aliens, or even your own scepticism about the whole thing – they’ve got you covered. Join Emma and Dan for their 31 Days of Terror leading up to Halloween on any podcast app, and don’t forget to subscribe to binge the rest of their 600+ eps. 

    After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds and the Paranormal

    If you want a dash of the intellectual with your Halloween listening, After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds and the Paranormal will not disappoint. Twice a week, dive deep into the filthiest history with historians Anthony Delaney and Maddy Pelling to discover more about witches, haunted pubs and even UFO sightings. Get in the Halloween spirit and learn something new wherever you get your podcasts.

    Too Scary; Didn’t Watch

    For everyone feeling left out of the scary movies conversation because of their own crippling fear of the horror genre… this pod is for you. Emily Gonzales, Henley Cox and Sammy Smart will become your besties and horror flick gurus as they recap all films you are too terrified to watch yourself. Get up to speed on whatever number of SAW franchise films we are currently on, and enjoy hours of entertainment with their impressive back catalogue wherever you get your podcasts. 

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