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The Best Podcasts About Feasting

More sauce than your gravy boat at Christmas dinner

11:00 AM GMT on December 23, 2023

Legend has it that Richard II hosted a Christmas feast in 1377 at which 28 oxen and 300 sheep were slaughtered. But the tradition of stuffing our faces in the darkest days of winter goes back much further. In  neolithic times,  our ancestors gorged themselves silly on pigs roasted over spits, with sides of hazelnuts, crabapples and sloes. This is all to say nothing of the Romans, who famously knew how to put away the party food. 

So, don’t feel bad eating chocolate orange for breakfast and cracking open the Baileys at elevenses time this Yuletide. After all, you are merely honouring an ancient tradition. 

To keep you company as you contemplate another trip to the cheese board on Boxing Day, here are some foodie pods to binge on. 


This moreish podcast featuring Michelin star award winning chef Angela Hartnett and Nick Grimshaw off of Radio 1, is recorded in front of an audience, features food with recipes you can copy AND has a competition to win a goodie bag. It’s brisk, funny, informative and the relationship between Ange and Nick is the special success sauce. 

Comfort Eating  

Restaurant critic Grace Dent wrote a beautiful book about food and childhood called Hungry. And while she spends a lot of time now in fancy food places, her podcast is about what people really eat when they’re alone, tired, upset, in need of comfort. A really honest and often touching show. 


This set of podcasts has won multiple awards recently, for good reason. It’s a show about memories, food, childhood and home. “vivid, eloquent, grief-inspired tale of unforgettable tastes. This is lovely storytelling that will leave you yearning for a restaurant trip. ” (Guardian)


Lecker is a podcast about how food shapes our lives in all sorts of ways. Called “Fascinating and quietly radical.” by The New Statesman, this podcast is full of ideas to chew (sorry) over. Beautifully produced, too.  

Desert Island Dishes

The format is familiar.. But the guests on chef’s Margue Nomura’s show must chose seven dishes which have  shaped them, in place of the infamous eight records. Ed Gamble from Off Menu is on a recent episode, talking about his book Glutton and his childhood as a “fat little boy.” It’s a great listen

Table Manners

Singer Jessie Ware and her mum (chef extraordinaire) Lennie sit at Jessie’s actual dining table, with a celebrity guest for a bite to eat and a natter. When I tell you that Cher and Princess Eugenie were recently on (not together...) the, well, what are you waiting for?!

Stirring It Up

Another mum and daughter duo: Miquita and Andi Oliver co-host this treat of a show. The format is similar to Table Manners, except that this time the celebrity is allowed to bring a +1 and conversations get quite deep. Miquita mixes the drinks and chef Andi serves up the treats. 

The Food Programme

The OG food podcast, from BBC Radio 4. This show is much more issue led than the others on the list, championing producers and delving into the science of production. There is, however, still a pleasing amount of time devoted to chats about flavour and taste.. A recent programme with Sheila Dillon which looked at Gaza through the lens of food was a particularly brilliant episode. 

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