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Podcasts Unpacking That General Election

How all the big shows covered the new Starmer government

10:30 AM GMT+1 on July 7, 2024

    Whew. What a week!

    I don’t need to tell you that election podcasts have been having a moment, so let’s have a look at podcasts unpacking Labour’s electoral win on Friday.

    The News Agents had several special episodes on Friday (Maitlis even popped out of her own Channel 4 election show to record one), with the latest one looking ahead to Keir Starmer’s intray as our new Prime Minister. Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart, who also co-hosted C4’s coverage alongside Maitlis, have released an episode of The Rest is Politics looking at how ‘one night transformed British politics.’

    How to Win An Election has Peter Mandelson, Daniel Finkelstein, Polly Mackenzie and Matt Chorley discussing Labour’s win and who (if anyone) can revitalise the Conservative Party. Paper Cuts features Miranda Sawyer and a team of contributors unpacking the night itself (it was recorded at 4am so prepare yourself).

    The Media Podcast with Matt Deegan went behind the scenes at the BBC and Times Radio to see how their election coverage was put together, so you’ll hear from Newscast’s Adam Fleming and the team from How to Win An Election. If you missed the TV coverage, I made a supercut video on Twitter capturing the most surreal moments from the night.

    And finally, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop was on Trash Talk with Count Binface, a joke candidate who stood against Sunak in his constituency. They both reflect on the last six weeks and the failures of the Conservative campaign.

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