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Podcasts for Formula 1 Fans

With the British Grand Prix, taking place this weekend, why not really make the most of the experience by listening to some really good F1 podcasts.

12:49 PM GMT+1 on July 7, 2023

    The Fast And The Curious

    “Lewis, the car is bad, we know. Please drive it!” Greg James’ amusing impression of Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff getting fed up with his star driving grumbling about this year’s “bad” car neatly sums up this podcast. Its main focus is the entertainment in Formula 1. Whilst it doesn’t shy away from tackling hugely important issues such as driver safety, this isn’t an “inside track”.

    Overall, it’s a fun and engaging take on what’s happening at the races. Indeed, this weekend they’re doing a live show with the crowd at Silverstone just ahead of Qualifying. I think it’ll be a good listen. Christian and Betty have plenty to say too – I really like this pod.

    Back Of The Grid

    It’s probably unfair to describe this as ‘the pod for F1 nerds’, but I just can’t think of a better way to describe it – so, sorry chaps, the moniker stays I’m afraid. If you want detail from devoted F1 fans, then this has lots. All of it, in fact. No stone is ever left unturned, and the boys have built an impressive following for their well-informed thoughts before and after each race.

    F1 Nation

    Tom Clarkson, Damon Hill and Natalie Pinkham provide a hugely compelling show each week. And it feels more like a show: Tom is a hugely experienced F1 journalist and presenter, and he’s really plugged in to everything going on. Researching this piece, it was interesting how the other pods took questions about the perennial issue of “track limits” at the Austrian GP, with some suggesting ways to address it. Whereas Tom on F1 Nation already knew the plan to amend the track for next year.

    Both on Sky Sports F1, Damon and Natalie provide their own insights before and after each race and of course Damon comes with the ready-to-go knowledge of how to be a Formula 1 World Champion – although you’ll rarely hear both of them on together.

    Tom also hosts Beyond The Grid – which is a more reflective interview series.

    For F1’s Sake

    Refreshingly different and genuinely funny, For F1’s Sake has three hosts in Cheeka Eyers Terry Saunders and Phill Tromans who manage to make the “mates chatting in the pub” format actually work for a change.

    Expect the unexpected: a recent episode has a karaoke version of a Cyndi Lauper classic sung by the hosts, and featuring alternative (F1) lyrics. Much fun – definitely. Although I wouldn’t expect “Team After Team” to break into charts any time soon.

    Chequered Flag

    The BBC’s Chief F1 Writer Andrew Benson is, in my opinion, the best journalist on the F1 circuit. And this is the podcast where you can hear his incredibly well-informed musings on what’s going on behind the scenes.

    I personally think he should host this pod, such is his depth of understanding and intricate knowledge of absolutely everything there is to know about F1. He’s got all the contacts too. But I doubt he’d ever want to be the host. 

    Of course, Jenny Gow is sorely missed, and everyone hopes she’s well enough to return soon, but whilst Andrew is on this pod, it’s essential listening.

    Given the BBC is an official F1 broadcaster, this pod has all the access to the drivers – so it always provides a great summary of the key points before and after each qualifying and race.

    It’s usually the first one I check out when I want to get up to date.

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