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More Great Podcasts for Black History Month

10:30 AM GMT+1 on October 15, 2023

    Earlier this week Imriel Morgan who is behind the successful careers and personal motivational podcast Wanna Be rounded up some great podcasts for Black History Month. It included the relationship and identity series Black Earth Podcast, the conversations podcast *(Relate)able and the self improvement series Beyond the Self with Africa Brooke. 

    Also worth a listen is Have You Heard George’s Podcast? The multi-award winning series by George The Poet has just arrived with a new series. Entitled After Empire, it explores the African and Caribbean independence struggles over the past six decades. He sets out the reason why he is exploring the theme at the start of the series: “What happened between the time my parents were born, and the time when I was born, that led to Black life being in the condition I found it in?” 

    Human Resources is also back for a third series this month, continuing to explore how the transatlantic slave trade touched every part of the UK and can still be felt today. 

    The Week Junior Show, a show reviewing the news for little listeners, has also done a special episode on Black History Month, starting with a history of Black History Month itself. Meanwhile, History Extra Podcast features a panel of acclaimed historians evaluating the impact of Black History Month and whether confining it to a month causes Black history to be overlooked during the other eleven months of the year.

    And if you missed it, it is worth listening to the Sounds of Black Britain: The Black Curriculum, a 2022 series exploring the history of Black British music.

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