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Great Returning Series

Let’s have a look at well known podcasts that have returned with new series, or have new episodes just around the corner!

8:24 PM GMT+1 on June 8, 2023

Get Birding, a podcast that tries to get us all into ornithology (that’s birds!) is returning with a new series later this month. Previous hosts have included Strictly winner and nature filmmaker Hamza Yassin and the environmental campaigner Dr Mya-Rose Craig. This new series will be hosted by City Girl in Nature (aka. Kwesia), who will be interviewing the American novelist Jonathan Franzen and Jim and Nancy Moir.

British Scandal, the popular series looking into well-known scandals in British history, has just started a series exploring the life of Oscar Wilde.

The Chipping Forecast will be exploring the world of golf with commentator Andrew Cotter, broadcaster Iain Carter and golfer Eddie Pepperell. 

How Do You Cope? …with Elis and John, featuring conversations about mental health, has started up again after a break for more than a year. 

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