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Broccoli and Boom Shakalaka Close

Two diverse podcast production companies are wrapping up

8:59 AM GMT on February 4, 2024

Two established podcast companies have announced closure this last week.

Broccoli Productions, behind the series Human Resources and Anthems, is wrapping up as their partnership with Sony Music Entertainment is ending earlier than planned. Gemma Cairney and Beth Clayton’s Boom Shakalaka, behind In Your Place, is also wrapping up.

Both of these companies amplified marginalised voices and tried to make the audio industry more inclusive. “These are profound losses to the UK audio industry and a damning indictment of its failure to meaningfully support diverse voices and new perspectives in audio,” said podcaster Ella Watts. 

“We also came up against challenges,” wrote Gemma and Beth on their website. “We found the hoop-jumping and box-ticking of commissioning processes, funding and awards exhausting. We found the unwillingness to invest the money it takes to make a truly diverse industry frustrating.”

“While Broccoli is closing, the people who have been doing that work aren’t going anywhere,” wrote a statement on Broccoli. “To the gate keepers of the audio industry; it’s your turn now - we’re hopeful that the torch will be picked up and continued.” 

In other news, there has also been a notable change for accessibility in podcasting in the last week, with Apple’s latest operating software offering transcripts for shows. This news article has more details.

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