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Trapped: The IPP Prisoner Scandal

10:30 AM GMT on January 28, 2024

    Trapped: The IPP Prisoner Scandal - Ever since The Post Office Scandal there has been an onus to highlight other miscarriages of justice that deserve time in the limelight. One such scandal that deserves attention is the 3000 or so people currently in British prisons with an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection.) These are sentences with an indeterminate length, meaning a prisoner can serve time for something far beyond other inmates who did a similar crime, even if their crime was for something relatively minor such as theft. 

    And as it is unclear when they will be let out, if they are let out at all, the mental health and emotional consequences can be devastating, with 87 prisoners with such sentences having taken their own lives. This informative podcast, hosted by Sam Asumadu, unpacks the scandal and those affected.

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