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Queer The Music

10:30 AM GMT on January 28, 2024

Queer The Music - A new podcast, hosted by Jake Shears, celebrating the music and anthems that have resonated with queer people. A neat idea!

His first guest is Rebecca Lucy Taylor (aka. Self Esteem) who is currently performing alongside Shears in Cabaret in London’s West End. They both talk about her music, in particular the 2021 hit record “I Do This All The Time.”

The song, which features a lot of spoken word reflecting on life and love, were formed from collating the one liners she had previously written on her iPhone. “I always knew it was perfect, for me, for what I wanted it to do.” She also untaps the meaning of some of the cryptic lyrics, such as the one about the BBQ.

Interestingly, if you are planning to listen to InHaste, I would recommend heading here after, as this podcast features a lot of insights about writing and the writing process.


In Haste

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