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Your Next Podcast

Your Next Podcast: Dissident at the Doorstep

One man with many causes

6:00 AM GMT on March 14, 2024

    Every week Your Next Podcast picks a great first episode of a show that you should listen to. Follow along and get something new in your podcast app every Thursday! This week it's Dissident at the Doorstep.

    What happens when someone becomes a human-rights icon – but then turns out to stand for something else entirely? Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was locked up for fighting against China’s One Child Policy and suffered years of unlawful imprisonment. In 2012, following a daring midnight escape, he landed in the United States a hero. But that’s only the beginning of his story. Just a few years later, he would re-enter the spotlight as an avid Trump supporter and a “Stop the Steal” rally-goer. How did this happen? Alison Klayman, Colin Jones, and Yangyang Cheng set out on a journey to find out – did Guangcheng change, or was he totally misunderstood from the beginning? 

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