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Podcast episodes to make you healthier

Our health and fitness favourites

12:00 PM GMT on February 9, 2024

    One month into the new year - is it going to plan?

    So many of us approach each new year with an arsenal of commitments and promises to ourselves that we’re going to do x, y and z for the good of our health. But how often does it work out that way? Should we even want it to?

    It’s these questions that many podcasters look to answer in the opening month of the year. Thanks to support from Podimo, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite episodes on health and wellbeing and we think you’ll love them too!

    It Can’t Just Be Me

    Menopause is a crucial event in women’s lives that gets bafflingly little coverage in the media. Thankfully, Anna Richardson and the team at It Can’t Just Be Me have put together a special episode all about the subject in order to provide their listeners with answers that you just can’t seem to get anywhere else.

    It comes with vital contributions from menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson and broadcaster and journalist Kate Thornton and is a great example of the podcast fulfilling its mission to reassure listeners that “whatever you’re going through, it’s not just you.”


    A podcast to inspire you to take your exercise routine to the next level.

    RunPod does what it says on the tin - it’s positive encouragement to help you reap the benefits of running, and it’s at its best when you’re listening on the trail or treadmill. The most recent episode features broadcast, podcast and sporting icon Gabby Logan, whose infectious enthusiasm for exercise will have you tying the laces on your running shoes in no time.

    Zoe Science and Nutrition

    As one might expect, this food science podcast has been flying high in the charts since around January 1st as people grapple for good advice on how best to meet their new dietary goals.

    This episode focuses on a weight-loss classic - calorie counting - and crucially asks whether the practice is actually likely to improve your health at all.

    Fad Camp

    Speaking of diets, Fad Camp is an excellent podcast dissecting the madness of fad diets and weight loss crazes.

    Recently back for a fifth season, this episode looks at how bone-bending social media filters are further fuzzing the lines of what we consider a good and healthy way to look.

    Go Love Yourself

    Laura and Lauren are all about helping you nurture a healthy soul and make you the happiest version of yourself you can be. Their latest episode on sobriety sees them explore the potential of cutting down on alcohol as their preferences change with time.

    They speak to Millie Gooch, founder of the Sober Girl Society, to let you know that despite so much of our social culture seeming to hang on boozy events, going alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean the end of your social life!

    Maintenance Phase

    Maintenance Phase provides a much-needed scientific analysis of the latest health trends and discourse.

    This episode tackles the latest in a long history of weight-loss “miracle drugs” - Ozempic. Mike and Aubrey’s meticulously sourced study is essential listening for anyone wanting to understand the truth behind the latest sensation.

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