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Rylan: How To Be A Man

10:56 AM GMT+1 on May 28, 2023

    Rylan: How To Be A Man – Exploring the changing nature of masculinity, this new BBC Sounds series features Rylan interviewing well-known names about what masculinity means to them. It is a rather fascinating topic and one that Rylan relishes in: “Does the average bloke even exist any more? Are we allowed to ‘man up’? Can boys still be boys? What does toxic masculinity actually mean?”

    I like the quite wide range of guests that are asked to take part, so the views on masculinity range too. There’s Amir Khan on how boxing is viewed as a form of entertainment (“I go in there to hurt people, even though I have such a good heart,” says Khan) and the interior designer Llewelyn-Bowen on being flamboyant (“The 20th Century was incredibly controlling in terms of society,” says Llewelyn-Bowen. “There was a real definition of what was lower class, middle class, upper class, what was male, what was female, what was masculine what was feminine.”) Make time for this one.

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