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Oceans: Life Under Water

10:30 AM GMT on February 25, 2024

    Oceans: Life Under Water - Presented by zoologist and wildlife filmmaker Hannah Stitfell, this new podcast by Crowd Network and Greenpeace teaches you all about the oceans around our world whilst highlighting the need for us to save it. It is one of those podcasts best listened with your headphones, because alongside countless facts and interviews with experts, there’s immersive sound design transporting you into the depths of the ocean.

    The first episode looks at freediving with guest Daan Verhoeven, a form of underwater diving where you hold your breath underwater without scuba gear or snorkels. “I often say that freediving is the opposite of a normal extreme sport,” says Verhoeven, who can hold his breath for six minutes at a time. “Most extreme sports are about adrenaline and you have to make six million decisions in one second, whereas with freediving you want everything to slow down as much as you can, because you want to make your oxygen last as long as it can.” Apparently you can hold your breath for longer than you think. Rather him than me though.

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