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New Discovery: Making Money

We take a look at a fiscal listen

11:00 AM GMT on February 8, 2024

There is no easy or straightforward way to talk about money. It always seems convoluted, boring and most of the time – terrifying. For most of us at least. But, as it turns out, there is a way to make the topic of ‘money’ way more interesting and 100 times less intimidating and that is listening to the Making Money podcast.

Making Money was not my usual kind of listen, but after hearing another friend complain about a mountain of bills, then overhearing a new mum remark on rising nursery fees, and then trying to figure out where you can even begin with investing – this podcast suddenly appeared in my life and honestly, made it seem way less complicated. 

Damien Jordan and Timeyin Akerele are very down to earth, empathetic hosts with an extremely small tolerance for bullshit. They instantly pull you into an engaging discussion that feels less like a lesson, and more like a gossip sesh with your bestie (except the secret is: capitalism is failing us – how do we fix it?!). 

Each long episode introduces a third voice in the form of an expert, and the shorter episodes jump straight into listener’s questions. It’s easy listening to the max, with the hosts often cracking self-aware jokes and swearing between providing you with sound financial advice. 

Demystifying all of the intimidating parts of our financial present and futures comes easily to Damien and Timeyin (also referred to as ‘T’), and they have a bunch of practical advice peppered between broader analytical subjects like the history of investment or taxation policies that feel beyond your reach – but shouldn’t be.

Highly recommend this listen for a fearless jump into understanding your own finances, even if it does still feel a little scary. 

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