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Five Minutes With

Five Minutes With… Mark Greaves from Business Noodles

Meet the man who interviews the brightest lights in industry

10:00 AM GMT+1 on April 8, 2024

    Business Noodles is an interview show that lets you delve into the minds behind brilliant businesses as they share their stories in their own words. Think of it as a business orientated High Performance Podcast combined with the freewheeling nature of As Yet Untitled.

    Thanks to support from PKF Francis Clark, we sat down with host Mark Greaves to learn a little more about the show and the person behind the mic.

    Who are you and what’s your background?

    Mark Greaves. Most of my career has been in corporate finance, helping people and companies buy and sell businesses, including bringing Dartington Glass and Sutton Seeds back into UK ownership. I am involved in chairing an IT business in the public sector and a national accounting network, as well as being a governor at an arts university.

    What's your show about?

    Gaining an insight from a variety of business leaders and entrepreneurs about their business journey, the challenges they have faced and views on the current business environment, as well as some amusing stories on both successes and failures.

    Why are you doing it?

    I want to provide our audience with the opportunity to hear real life lessons from business leaders who may not regularly talk about their journeys. These include the family that runs Rodda’s clotted cream with an fascinating origin tale, the founder of Granny Gothard’s ice cream who sold ice cream from the UK into Dubai and Australia, and Cakesmiths’ CEO on working with private equity on various deals.   

    What have you learned from doing the show, so far?

    The impact of geographic isolation on increasing entrepreneurism, the increasing ability of smaller businesses to service a global audience, the importance of business purpose as opposed to voluminous business plans, the current trend with B Corps and much more besides.

    If someone's new to your show, which episode should they start with?

    Either the episode with Chris Ormrod from Cakesmiths for the connection between our guest and Andy Serkis and Pamela Anderson (plus to learn what a Chief Flavourista does) or our upcoming episode with Jaye Cowle in the new series for the benefits of a focus on happiness and kindness in business.

    What's your favourite podcast?

    My Wildest Prediction for or No Such Thing as a Fish for comedy.

    Glass half full or glass half empty?

    The glass is full, half water and half air (or half potential if going for a business analogy).

    Sort by price or by rating?

    Rating, although a decent algorithm should be able to do both and produce best value.

    Passenger or driver?

    Driver – I get travel sick, which is odd when travel is one of my big things, I once walked across Beirut and accidentally attended a Japanese wedding or funeral (still don’t know which).

    Coffee or tea?

    Neither – why would you drink something hot when you are thirsty?

    Cooking or being cooked for?

    Cooking – I’m going on Vietnamese cooking class with my spouse before a holiday there later this year.

    Attend a party or host a party?


    Fiction or nonfiction?

    Fiction – although many AI fiction novels seem to be becoming nonfiction.

    Board games or video games?

    Video games on my own or board games with friends.

    Instagram or X?

    X, although I also follow people who I disagree with.

    Android or iPhone?

    iPhone despite the battery issues.

    Animals or people?


    See the future or change the past?

    Future – I would never be sure what changing the past might do and I am very happy with the present.

    Massive success by accident or modest success on purpose?

    Modest success on purpose.

    Ninjas or pirates?

    Pirates – I like the odd contrast with Sir Francis Drake being seen as a hero in the UK whilst an absolute villain (with justification) in Central America.

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