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Five Minutes With

Emily Blackwell’s Mother Half

We chat to Made in Chelsea's Emily Blackwell and her Mum, Rachel.

11:40 AM GMT+1 on August 7, 2023

    This week on the Podcast Rex interview, we're chatting with Made in Chelsea's Emily Blackwell and her Mum Rachel, who's a hairdresser, about their new show Emily Blackwell's Mother Half.

    What's your show about?

    RACHEL: 'We talk about dilemmas, talk about my parenting - you can be the judge if it was good or bad!

    EMILY: It's just fun, light-hearted we just basically embarrass ourselves for like an hour and you'll get to know us and a different side to us, especially me, rather than Made in Chelsea. I'm sure people are going to be quite shocked actually.... I don't want to say it's the real me...

    RACHEL: Well it is the real you - you can't hide from your mother!

    Why are you doing it?

    EMILY: To share a peek inside a rather unique mother-daughter relationship and offer some frank advice to listeners. Each week I also guide my mum on how to become a social media star

    What have you learned from doing the show, so far?

    EMILY: That we have zero filter and enjoy talking far too much

    If you had to describe your show only using other podcasts, what would they be?

    EMILY: I would say Table Manners - as that’s also a mother daughter relationship - meets Therapy Crouch with a hint of My Therapist Ghosted Me.

    If someone's new to your show which episode should they start with?

    RACHEL: The first one!

    What's your favourite podcast?

    EMILY: I've got a few different ones but I really do like The Therapy Crouch and Diary of a CEO

    RACHEL: My favourite is Shagged, Married, Annoyed - I think they're really funny!

    Glass half full or glass half empty?

    EMILY - Full!

    RACHEL - Full for sure. You're only here once, get it full!

    Sort by price or by rating?

    RACHEL: Depends how expensive it is and what I'm going for! I research both

    EMILY: Yeah we like a research, its a difficult one that

    Loud neighbours or nosey neighbours?

    RACHEL: Nosey neighbours because they can only find out what you give so you can keep things to yourself.

    EMILY: And also they won't keep you up at night!

    RACHEL: I'd say I was a loud neighbour but not after 9pm!

    EMILY: I'd say I was more nosey. I like knowing what other people are doing around me...

    Board games or video games?

    EMILY: Board games at Christmas I love them!

    RACHEL: I like video games but on my phone not like an X Box. Candy Crush or Evermerge. Don't download your life will be ruined!

    EMILY: She calls it Candy Crack!

    See the future or change the past?

    RACHEL: I wouldn't like to do either. I wouldn't want to change anything because we wouldn't be where we are and I don't what to see anything because I want to get where I'm going!

    EMILY: I think I would change the past because I wouldn't want to know my future. I think the unknown is good, if I knew what was coming I'd think about it too much. If it was bad you wouldn't want to know!

    Check out Emily Blackwell's Mother Half, with new episodes each week.

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