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Election Daily

Election Daily: More Debates and Manifesto Planning

plus Douglas Ross, Vaughan Gething and D-Day

June 7, 2024

Election Daily: Tax Rows

plus elections in India, Mexico and South Africa

June 6, 2024

Leaders Debate Showdown

plus the Scottish Debate, Welsh First Minister Woe and the D-Day Anniversary

June 5, 2024

Election Daily: Nigel’s Electoral Reform

Nigel Farage returns to the fray, to Clacton and our TV screens.

June 4, 2024

Election Daily: Rumble in the Political Jungle

The Leaders debates are coming up, what's going to happen?

June 3, 2024

Election Daily: Much Ado About Abbott

All the Abbott drama, campaign strategy under the spotlight and a focus on the NHS

May 30, 2024

Election Daily: A Small Boat Causes Ed Davey Trouble

Iain Dale's swapping radio for his own campaign trail and Ed Davey's paddleboarding in Windermere

May 29, 2024

Election Daily: National Service Natter

Our daily election newsletter covers Keir's biography, launch reviews, national service bombing and more

May 28, 2024

Election Daily: Rain Starts Play

We kick off our daily email election newsletter - here's what the podcasts have revealed in the last 24 hours.

May 24, 2024