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Patrick Carter

Recommendation Engine: A Halloween Hit

A spooky story has all the critics talking

November 1, 2023

Gordon Ramsay says he owes his career to charity

He spoke about philanthropy on the High Performance Podcast

October 27, 2023

Rose Matafeo eats roast potatoes with her spag bol

Her nan has a unique take on Italian food

October 26, 2023

Mark Hoppus opens up on Blink-182’s break up

He revealed the split on Zane Lowe's podcast

October 25, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told he was too heavy for Hollywood

He spoke about the rejection on Literally! with Rob Lowe

October 20, 2023

Chloe Burrows went into debt for her 18th birthday

She opened up about her ex on Pressed

October 19, 2023

Andi Oliver defends Adele’s “cultural appropriation”

Oliver explained why it was a non-issue to her on Where's Home Really?

October 18, 2023